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Chocolate Sandesh

Delicious two-layered chocolate sandesh
Delicious two-layered chocolate sandesh

The most difficult thing about being on a diet is staying away from breads, cakes, cookies and everything else that comes out of an oven! But dieticians also give you cheat dates…and I made the most of it with this Chocolate Sandesh that has more proteins than fats!

I actually made a sugar-free low-fat milk version for the husband, but a full-fat and sugared version for the girls at my workplace! This dish is turned around in less than 30 minutes, that is if you’re making  cottage cheese too, otherwise it takes less than 10 minutes!


Almond Milk with Kimia Dates

My morning breakfast: sugar free muesli with fresh and dried fruits and homemade almond milk thats been flavoured with dates
My morning breakfast: sugar free home made muesli with fresh and dried fruits and homemade almond milk that’s been flavoured with dates

When you realise you are lactose intolerant, life kind of goes for a toss. Milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, cream all the good things need to be tossed out of your life…and then realisation strikes! You are going to starve. No desserts. No cuppa morning tea. No pizza. OMG! this can’t be happening to me. God, why me!


Pomegranate and Yellow Bell Pepper Cheese Ball

Red millet crackers with the   fruity cheese ball
Red millet crackers with the fruity cheese ball

This week has been a crazy one…from making my first homemade almond milk to cooking the 8-layer box sandwich to spending my time researching on a new line of a product a friend wants to introduce into the market next year. It was R&D time all the way. And I had friends dropping in for a quick snack that ended up to be really long snack-rolled into dinner break too. To my horror my pantry wasn’t a well stocked one that evening. I had to literally pull something out of almost nothing. That’s when I remembered having seen a cheese ball on Pinterest some months ago. This Cheese Ball is a product of all the time I spent online. 🙂


A Quick Potato Chops

Chicken Mince Croquettes delicately flavoured with onion and fresh parsley
Chicken mince croquettes delicately flavoured with onion and fresh parsley

There are days…and the then there are days…the first lot has like 36 hours crammed into it and the second hardly a few seconds. This is the dish you want to make when you have no time and yet need to dig into a wholesome meal. Don’t let the name misguide you, this is filled with the delicate flavours of chicken mince cooked with fresh parsley and caremalised onions. If you are a vegetarian, fill this up with peas, a mix of green veggies like corn, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, or a filling of soya mince.


Tortilla de Patatas Served with Green Salad and Stir Fried Mushrooms with Sausages

A super elegant lazy meal :) Tortilla de Patatas
A super elegant lazy meal 🙂 Tortilla de Patatas

I don’t know about you, but I am gearing up for a super lazy weekend, where the food cooked is simple, quick and lulls you back into lazydom 🙂 Potatoes thus are an important part of this meal. Throw in some eggs for the proteins and a quick salad for the fibre, a glass of wine stirred into some wholesome mushroom and sausages and I am set. Does that seem like too much work?

You will be surprised! This meal, and I mean all 3 dishes, will take you all of 45 minutes to put together from washing the veggies to finish. I told you it would be a lazy meal! 🙂


Oil Free Instant Oats and Green Peas Healthy Dhokla

The fluffy and delicious instant oats, semolina and green peas dhokla
The fluffy and delicious instant oats, semolina and green peas dhokla

It’s not often that i read a veggie recipe and get inspired to try it out immediately. But last evening a friend posted a recipe of oats and semolina dhokla–(steamed cake), and that kind of tickled my senses. Plus I have been accused of step-motherly treatment towards Indian food by a very dear doctor friend! I love to cook healthy and i find it really tough to make oil free Indian food, but yes I will try get back into R&D and split the oil away from the masalas and work on it Ash.


Nachos with 7 Toppings

Sour Cream adds to the pleasure of digging into this 7 layered nachos
Sour cream adds to the pleasure of digging into this 7 layered nachos

I’ve always loved the Nachos that are served at Hard Rock Cafe. It’s a meal in itself with close to 7 to 8 different toppings. This recipe comes very close to it and is perfect entree for a party of 10 to 12 hungry friends, where snacks and spirits take precedence over the main course.

I’ve experimented a whole lot with the textures of the corn chips and the cheese to be used. Nothing comes close to pepper jack cheese but when you can’t get your hand on it try Gruyère cheese or even cheddar and if even those are impossible then go with just mozzarella. Nothing better than the stringy texture.


Potato and Spinach Frittata

Spinach, Potato and Feta Frittata
Spinach, Potato and Feta Frittata

How do you like your eggs done? For me it always depends on my mood. When I’m in a hurry it’s a quick sunny side up, if I’m bored out of my bones, it’s a savoury French Toast and when I want to make something exotic it’s either a Shakshuka or Eggs Benedict. But this Italian dish is quite a hit too. I load it up with so much cheese, that the end product is gooey and soft.


Baked Mushrooms

Crispy Baked Mushrooms
Crispy baked mushrooms

I am not a mushroom fan, and yet due to its nutritional qualities, especially the Vitamin D content, I try and incorporate the fungus into my meals at least once a week. Most often it’s just thrown into a gravy or stir fried with some onions and bell peppers, this is the first time I’ve made it a hero and am I glad!


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