I’ve always loved to cook. In fact the first meal i put together was when i was nine back in 1978, when there were no junior masterchefs! It was a simple Indian meal with roti, veggies, a dal and a dessert! Yup even at that age i knew no meal is complete without a sweet ending. Like a pro, I stationed the milk and custard powder on my clean work-table and set of stirring the two together till it reached the right consistency. You see even then I hated instructions and didn’t read the fine print that tells you how to use the packaged ingredients. So I set the custard in a bowl and placed it into the fridge. Yup straight from the pan to the cooler.

When my dad came home from work and I served the meal, he was delighted beyond words. Impressed with his little imps culinary skills. Was I gloating in delight. And then came the dessert. Like a champ he finished it all, didn’t even leave a bit for me to taste…I was told it was too good.

When mom came back home, I told her all about the meal, I got a bug hug and a little gift, and as she tucked me into bed that night, she asked, “Did you add sugar to the custard baby.” “No ma, was I supposed to?” “Yes darling, otherwise its just cornflour and vanilla. Didn’t dad say anything.” “Nope he finished it all off, I didn’t even get a bite. May be he didn’t want me to feel bad, na ma.” I asked her, most upset with myself. “Yes darling, may be you can make some for him tom. And I’ll show you how to make a Royal trifle too.”

And that set my journey down the food track…I’ve never turned back…and the Royal Trifle still is my favourite dessert to put together.

Today however, my desserts are mostly sugar-free and diabetic friendly with loads of healthy, grilled options too!


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