I’ve always loved to travel, blame it on my star sign! If I had my way, I would make a career out of travel, photography and reviewing food, may be even running a B&B somewhere up north, maybe in India, maybe not, but definitely somewhere where the hills come alive with the sounds of the willows and the air is filled with the essence from the pine trees! That’s where time would stop and I would be one with that last drop on condensed water that’s hanging on the apex of the spiny leaf of the pine tree, before it meets the earth.

Till then I continue to travel across the world and get my bohemian fill from the adventures that meet me at the tiny by-lanes and off-beat tracks that I trek along in my transit across the world!

My attempt is to present the aromas, yes food always comes first :), capture the culture, the expressions, the traditions and the mood of the place.

Here’s to two strangers walking along the same path.


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