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Healthy Smoothies & Juices: Turmeric Elixir Shot

What’s with the weather? One day, you’re cold and happy snuggled within a comforter and on the other, the sun is out beating the sweat out of you. It’s no strange coincidence that so many people are unwell! This year, flu, cough and cold have bitten more people than ever. I mean just in my office, at one point more than half the girls, we are a girl’s only office :),  were on sick leave! With examinations around the corner, it’s also time to get the kids immunity up and running at full steam.


Healthy Smoothies and Juices: Sattu Power

Mumbai, are you ready to run the Marathon? And, what are you powering up with after your run? For those of you who aren’t going the whey way, I suggest sattu. It is packed with iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibre, and hydrates the skin from within! For those of you who aren’t aware of its goodness, 100gms of sattu contains 21grams of proteins and 44 grams of carbohydrates. It’s the perfect after-marathon drink as the carbs put back all the energy you’ve lost and the proteins repair damaged muscles. Combined with lime juice, mango and salt, it’s the perfect electrolyte balancing energy drink.


Healthy Smoothies & Juices: Happy Stomach

Most people are always on a diet! And sadly, ‘diet food’ means picking up prepackaged foods with a ‘diet label’ on it! Eating right, really need not be so tough. In an attempt to simplify eat, I’ve started to post recipes of foods that are simple to make, nutritious and fun! This breakfast juice, for example, will keep you full till lunchtime! Try it.


Healthy Smoothies and Juices: The Antioxidant Punch

It’s been a long hiatus. Blame the 365 salads I was working on, that I hope, make it to a book. Last year, I set myself a GOAL or resolution, as I would like to call it,  of making 365 NEW SALADS in the year, a new salad every day, and sure enough, I managed. Was it tough? Yes, of course, it was. But sheer determination and resolve saw me reach Day 365 with a celebration of life!

This year, I hope to post 2 things a week, yup 52 only of each!

A healthy juice or smoothie and a child-friendly healthy meal.


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