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Healthy Kid-friendly Meals: Moong Paniyaram

One of my favourite south Indian breakfast is this paniyaram. Unlike most homes where it is made of rice flour or a dosa batter, I make mine with sprouted moong (green gram) with no rice at all. That does make it a longer process, almost 5 days, but if your home is like my home, which always has sprouts it’s easy-peasy.


Healthy Smoothies & Juices: Turmeric Elixir Shot

What’s with the weather? One day, you’re cold and happy snuggled within a comforter and on the other, the sun is out beating the sweat out of you. It’s no strange coincidence that so many people are unwell! This year, flu, cough and cold have bitten more people than ever. I mean just in my office, at one point more than half the girls, we are a girl’s only office :),  were on sick leave! With examinations around the corner, it’s also time to get the kids immunity up and running at full steam.


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