What’s with the weather? One day, you’re cold and happy snuggled within a comforter and on the other, the sun is out beating the sweat out of you. It’s no strange coincidence that so many people are unwell! This year, flu, cough and cold have bitten more people than ever. I mean just in my office, at one point more than half the girls, we are a girl’s only office :),  were on sick leave! With examinations around the corner, it’s also time to get the kids immunity up and running at full steam.

Here’s something that I’ve been having for a while now…I have a troubled lung and am always harbouring some kind of a lung infection. This shot along with an immunity-building powder has really helped me. What’s more, this is the season for fresh turmeric root and juicing it is one the best ways to consume it, unless you are pickling it! Will save that for another post!

This shot needs to be had every day to ensure good health.


  • 3 pieces of Turmeric root
  • 3 amla
  • 1-inch piece ginger
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Cut the amla to remove the central seed.
  2. Peel and cut the turmeric and ginger and add it to the blender along with the amla.
  3. Add a pinch of sea salt and blend the ingredients together.
  4. Sieve it using a cheesecloth and down the shot immediately.
  5. Another method of making the juice is by grating the turmeric and ginger and extracting the juice using a cheesecloth. This needs to be added to the blended amla juice and then consumed.
  6. You can add tulsi leaves, chilli powder and black pepper to this juice too.


TURMERIC is natural liver detoxifier, kidney cleanser, speeds metabolism and thus aids in weight management, helps with psoriasis, damaged skin, arthritis, has anti-inflammatory properties, is known to prevent metastases occurring in many different forms of cancer, is an antidepressant, helps to cure a cold, cough, improves skin health and works as a natural pain-killer.

AMLA (Gooseberry) is an excellent source of Vitamin C, boost immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments, fights against the development of cancer cells, is good for hair growth, controls cholesterol levels, improves skin health, enhance eyesight, controls ageing.




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  1. Wow! Reviving all our childhood home remedies. My mother added honey for us but come the monsoons we had this as a morning ritual. Do healthy in every way

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