Month: January 2017

Multi-Grain Seeded Crackers

Multigrain multi-seeded gluten-free crackers
Multi-grain multi-seeded gluten-free crackers

Crackers are fairly simple to make and it’s rather surprising that I don’t make them as often as I should. On our trips to Europe we often stock up on these knäckebröd and bring enough home to last a few months. It’s when they run out that the quest for ready-made Indian varieties start and sadly I haven’t come across a single good gluten-free sugar-free variant as yet.

The wonderful thing about these crackers is that you can flavour it as you choose. Even the basic recipe is delicious, but when your kitchen is a store house of flavours from across the world, why would you let your imagination dry up? What I also enjoy about making these crackers is that its relatively stress free. Most Indian women are used to kneading dough, you just do it instinctively, yes I had to remind myself to measure the quantity of water I used when I developed this recipe. And the crackers get done in a flat 45 minutes, you need no yeast, no waiting for the dough to rise, no getting the temperature right..nothing. It’s as simple as knead, roll, cut and bake. And the end product is only 20 minutes away.


No Bake Oreo Mashmallow Pie

img_20170103_184409_144This recipe has been inspired by Ridhi, a colleague, who brought to work a no-bake Oreo Cheesecake. It was so simple to make that we decided to adapt the recipe for a cooking column I do for RobinAge, a weekly children’s newspaper. After all which kid doesn’t like Oreo or chocolate?

But me, being me, I decided to add a twist to it! Another colleague Melissa had brought along a bag of marshmallows! (It helps to work with an almost all-woman team, who love food) The pink and orange marshmallows found their way into this 10-minute gooey chocolatey dessert! Enjoy!


Hot Artichoke and Spinach Cheesy Dip

A cheesy fragrant dip that pairs beautifully with crackers
A cheesy fragrant dip that pairs beautifully with crackers

I’ve decided in the year 2017 my blog is going to see at least one post every week and a lot of them are going to be vegetarian. The one complaint I often hear is the lack of vegetarian recipes, so that’s going to change. And yes it is going to be healthy, though this one sits on the edge. As always this recipe too is super easy and perfect for the wintery evenings, where you crave for something warm with your cup of tea. I made this hot creamy dip twice in a row–my X’mas Dinner night and for my New Year party! It’s festive in a way! With all its amazingly cheesy and fragrant aromas. What’s more it can be dressed with a lot more aplomb if you wish.


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