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Tortilla de Patatas Served with Green Salad and Stir Fried Mushrooms with Sausages

A super elegant lazy meal :) Tortilla de Patatas
A super elegant lazy meal 🙂 Tortilla de Patatas

I don’t know about you, but I am gearing up for a super lazy weekend, where the food cooked is simple, quick and lulls you back into lazydom 🙂 Potatoes thus are an important part of this meal. Throw in some eggs for the proteins and a quick salad for the fibre, a glass of wine stirred into some wholesome mushroom and sausages and I am set. Does that seem like too much work?

You will be surprised! This meal, and I mean all 3 dishes, will take you all of 45 minutes to put together from washing the veggies to finish. I told you it would be a lazy meal! 🙂


Golabki: Polish stuffed cabbage rolls

Succulent cabbage rolls stuffed with mince served with a 3 pepper and corn salad
Succulent cabbage rolls stuffed with mince served with a 3 pepper and corn salad

“I’m making Golabki for dinner tonight.”

“Wow, that sounds cool. What’s that, something exotic you learnt from one of the chefs you follow.”

“Umm…not really, but if you promise to eat it, I’ll tell you what goes into it.”

“Put that way…I think skip the introductions. But don’t cook too much, I may not take a second helping. Also I have a late evening meeting, so I might just eat something there, make a real small portion of that Gol-whetver you’re making.”

And so ended the conversation between my husband and me on that eventful Monday evening. I say eventful because not just did we enjoy the delicious bake, but a couple of friends dropped by too and went home with a stomach full and a recipe! To add to that we had a 30 minute conversation on additions, substructions, permutations and combinations that cam be used to enhance the flavours. No meal at home is uneventful.:)



Sambhariya, a speciality from Gujarat
Sambhariya, a speciality from Gujarat

It’s not often that I get into the mood of eating typical indian food but when i do a few dishes from my state always find their way into my kitchen. Sambhariya also known as olio is one such speciality of Gujarat. A winter food it is best eaten with bajra na rotla and khatta meetha moong, made with lots of garlic and yoghurt.

The flavours in this dish come from the marriage of coconut with coriander and the dry spices and of course lots of oil. Though the dish when presented seems like an awful lot of work, its the pre cooking that takes the longest. But if you can access grated coconut nothing like it.


Sweet Chillie Garlic Sauce

This, for me, is a sauce from heaven. There is so much you can do with it. Slap it on some fresh fish before you grill it or bake it, add it to cottage cheese and cook it in a thick-bottom pan or cook it with potato straws to create a mind-blowing starter. The Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce has always been my last-minute super sauce to charge up any meal. Yup, I’m known to throw some of it onto chicken popcorn too!

You could buy this sauce in any super market, but I prefer to make my own, for the only reason that the ready-made sauces are loaded, and I do mean LOADED, with sugar. When you make your own, you need to make sure it is cooled before you store it in an air-tight bottle and refrigerate it. Shelf life for a home-made sauce, without preservatives, is about 15 days.


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