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Dry Fruit Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles

Super yummy and super healthy dry fruit chocolate truffles
Super yummy and super healthy dry fruit chocolate truffles

Not that I need a reason to make chocolates, but I’d just got my hands onto a sugar-free chocolate compound and I had to try it out especially since I’ve been on the look out for this compound for a quite a few years now. It’s super economical and very easily available. Yippie! (more…)

Sugarfree Seviya Kheer with Mango

Sugar-Free Creamy Seviya Payasam

We were recently invited to a Onam Sadya where my friend had doled out close to 15entrée all by herself and fed 10 hungry mouths! My…was it a feast for the kings. My only contribution was the Sugar-free Seviya Payasam or Kheer as the rest of India likes to call it.


Spinach Lentils

Loaded with nutrients, the Spinach Dal
Don’t go by the picture, it’s a rainy day and the cloud cover has eaten away all my light. Try cooking this dal that’s loaded with nutrients instead–the Spinach Dal

Indian food is essentially all about combining a veggie dish, with a nutritious dal and a bread or rice. A yoghurt based raita is thrown in for good measure and some families even insist on a kachumber–if you look at it from a nutrition point of view, a good mix of carbs, proteins and fats!


Puran Poli

This  Indian traditional sweet stuffed roti is cooked in most house holds on festive occasions.
This Indian traditional sweet stuffed roti is cooked in most house holds on festive occasions.

Desserts define Indian tastes, there are as many different types of creations as there are may be cities in the country. Look at this really simple sweet dish for example–the puran poli. Every state has its own way of making it. Where people in Maharashtra use channa dal (gram), those in Gujarat use toovar dal (split pigeon pea), people in the Konkan belt (where Goa is situated) add coconut to it and those in Karnataka serve it with a tamarind chutney to enhance the flavours. Just one dish, but so many variations. What’s more almost every house cooks some of these traditional sweets during festive occasions, and this puran poli definitely belongs to that category of ‘must makes’. Traditionally its made during Holi, just after the bonfire is lit.


Khada Masala Aloo Sabji

khada masala alu sabjiAfter a hard day at work there’s nothing like coming back home to soul food. For me that’s absolutely basic indian food or ghar ka khanna. Hot roti’s with ghee, dal, potato sabji and a bowl full of yoghurt. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to the happiness this simple meal gives my stomach.

I’ve cooked it in a earthern pot, but you could use any deep dish of your choice. If you want the potatoes to crisp up use a thinner base.


Sugar Free Oil Free Chivda

Diwali speciality: Sugar free, oil free chiwda
Diwali speciality: Sugar free, oil free chiwda

Here’s another all-time Diwali favourite. You know its kind of strange no matter how many times I think of making these savoury items during the year, the only time I actually get down to doing it, is during Diwali, when I find the time (I don’t know how) to put together 11 different high intensity cooking dishes, and yet it doesn’t tire me out.

This version of the recipe, is specifically designed for Diabetics and those on a diet. I made 1 kg of the chivda with just 1 tablespoon of oil. 🙂 What’s more its ideal to munch on when hunger pangs hit.


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