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Double Chocolate Cookies with Atlantic Sea Salt and Malabar Pepper

Christmas Special: Gingerbread Man Cookies

All lined up waiting for Santa to arrive: Gingerbread cookies
All lined up waiting for Santa to arrive: Gingerbread man cookies

As a child I would make sure I was taken to all the places that would host gingerbread houses. I was in awe of the magnificent structures, some made with sugar, some from candies and still others from cookies. It was a human marvel. And then came Santa, the big man with a red clothes, a flowy white beard with a bagful of lovely gifts. He charmed me off my two little pink boots. I hated growing up and losing Santa to reality. But the love for the gingerbread man only grew with time. And then I learnt to bake these wholesome warm and crisp cookies on my own. The best day of my life!

This time the first batch of cookies was baked for a niece and nephew’s Christmas party. It was a Saturday afternoon in the first week of December, when the aromas of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves emerged from the oven as the cookies started to crisp up. And then came the pleasure of  icing the gingerbread men and giving them some colour and style to meet the kiddies pleasure.


Christmas Special: Short Crust Cookies

It's Christmas time...bring out the sugar cookies
It’s Christmas time…bring out the sugar cookies

No sooner does the month of December roll in, than the mood starts to get all festive. The clothes gets warmer and brighter, the kitchen has a brand new aroma wafting through it, rolls of cinnamon and orange peel take up kitchen space, the consumption of butter goes higher and the waistline forgets the 20s….The greens, reds, silvers and whites adorn the dining table and the cookie boxes never look dull, boring or healthy 🙂 My life revolves around my love for cooking. And as I love to bake and grill, there’s no better time than Christmas to pop the best bakes out of my oven.


Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies
Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heavenly. Chewy, dense, chocolatey. Have them with milk, coffee or even green tea. No actually they need no accompaniments. And no friends. You will not want to part with these golden discs of delight. They just need to be devoured. By my own admission, I’ve never had a Chocolate Chip Cookie that’s so crisp and I am delighted to share the recipe with you guys.


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