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Smoked Chicken and Parsley Savoury Cake


Smoked chicken, parsley sun-dried tomato savoury cake
Smoked chicken, parsley sun-dried tomato savoury cake

So I’ve been bitten by the bug that takes everything sweet and adds a twist to it…blame it on my newly discovered lactose intolerance and acid reflux that makes consuming all those goodies with chocolate into a nightmare for the next five hours. And it doesn’t end there, the deal gets worse, I need to eat every few hours to keep my system safe from damaging itself! Thankfully fruits are my best friends and oats I love…so this recipe was actually designed to give all those 2-hour food habits I must inculcate something tasty to ruminate over!


Dill, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Feta Savoury Muffin

Smoked or sundried tomatoes add the zing to this delicious, soft, moist savoury muffin
Smoked or sun-dried tomatoes add the zing to this delicious, soft, moist savoury muffin

A few years ago I made my first savoury cake as a guest chef at a cafe on the outskirts of Mumbai. We piled it up with spaghetti and served it cut into wedges with sauce drizzled all over. Post that the savoury cake obsession died down till I discovered Savoury Muffins.
They are the perfect tea-time treat, combine it with the spice and veggie of your choice and you have a herby delicious healthy bite.

I’ve used smoked tomatoes, but a lot of friends didn’t manage to find this particular ingredient, you can substitute it with sun-dried tomatoes that are easily available. If you are not concerned about the extra oil it may add to the dish, you can go with the bottled versions where the tomatoes swim in olive oil. Or else opt for the dry version.


A Quick Potato Chops

Chicken Mince Croquettes delicately flavoured with onion and fresh parsley
Chicken mince croquettes delicately flavoured with onion and fresh parsley

There are days…and the then there are days…the first lot has like 36 hours crammed into it and the second hardly a few seconds. This is the dish you want to make when you have no time and yet need to dig into a wholesome meal. Don’t let the name misguide you, this is filled with the delicate flavours of chicken mince cooked with fresh parsley and caremalised onions. If you are a vegetarian, fill this up with peas, a mix of green veggies like corn, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, or a filling of soya mince.


Tortilla de Patatas Served with Green Salad and Stir Fried Mushrooms with Sausages

A super elegant lazy meal :) Tortilla de Patatas
A super elegant lazy meal 🙂 Tortilla de Patatas

I don’t know about you, but I am gearing up for a super lazy weekend, where the food cooked is simple, quick and lulls you back into lazydom 🙂 Potatoes thus are an important part of this meal. Throw in some eggs for the proteins and a quick salad for the fibre, a glass of wine stirred into some wholesome mushroom and sausages and I am set. Does that seem like too much work?

You will be surprised! This meal, and I mean all 3 dishes, will take you all of 45 minutes to put together from washing the veggies to finish. I told you it would be a lazy meal! 🙂


Chocolate, Zucchini, Walnut Fudge Cake

The super soft gooey fudge-y zucchini and chocolate cake
The gooey and fudge-y zucchini and chocolate cake

When I spoke to my sis that Sunday morning and told her about this cake I was planning to bake, her first reaction was, “You’ve lost it. Who puts zucchini in cake!” Sure enough that’s how I looked at this veggie a few months ago. It was good for grilling, for baking and for Chinese and Thai foods, but in a dessert? No way. Then a very dear friend of ours Vera brought home a diabetic chocolate cake with a secret ingredient–zucchini. And they say the rest is history. My love for this green healthy ingredients grew by leaps and bounds. It sure was versatile, what’s more it added this lovely moistness to the cake that all of us love.


Oil Free Instant Oats and Green Peas Healthy Dhokla

The fluffy and delicious instant oats, semolina and green peas dhokla
The fluffy and delicious instant oats, semolina and green peas dhokla

It’s not often that i read a veggie recipe and get inspired to try it out immediately. But last evening a friend posted a recipe of oats and semolina dhokla–(steamed cake), and that kind of tickled my senses. Plus I have been accused of step-motherly treatment towards Indian food by a very dear doctor friend! I love to cook healthy and i find it really tough to make oil free Indian food, but yes I will try get back into R&D and split the oil away from the masalas and work on it Ash.


Nachos with 7 Toppings

Sour Cream adds to the pleasure of digging into this 7 layered nachos
Sour cream adds to the pleasure of digging into this 7 layered nachos

I’ve always loved the Nachos that are served at Hard Rock Cafe. It’s a meal in itself with close to 7 to 8 different toppings. This recipe comes very close to it and is perfect entree for a party of 10 to 12 hungry friends, where snacks and spirits take precedence over the main course.

I’ve experimented a whole lot with the textures of the corn chips and the cheese to be used. Nothing comes close to pepper jack cheese but when you can’t get your hand on it try Gruyère cheese or even cheddar and if even those are impossible then go with just mozzarella. Nothing better than the stringy texture.


Barbecued Pineapple With Coconut Ice Cream

Barbecued Pineapple served with coconut ice cream
Barbecued pineapple served with coconut ice cream

If it’s the New Year, it has to be barbecues. How else do you beat the cold, eat all those amazing meats in one meal and drink yourself silly? 🙂 This recipe has been pulled out of my recipe book for Skie Grille, my first restaurant. It was always a hit with the crowd. The warm sweet fruit blending in with the cold creamy ice cream…Delicious.


Christmas Special: Sugar-free Oats, Almonds, Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Sugar-free oats, cranberry, almond cookies: perfect for Xmas
Sugar-free oats, cranberry, almond, chocolate cookies: perfect for Xmas

All this week I have been pulling out trays after trays of gorgeous rich cookies that have been distributed all over town. Sadly apart from tasting them, my husband hasn’t really had his share of the goodies. Ours is an insulin-dependent household and this cookie recipe has been created specially for him.


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