Month: January 2019

Kid-friendly Healthy Meals: Banana, Peanut Butter and Oats Brookies

Which kid doesn’t like a cookie? As a kid, the only reason I would reach for that glass of milk was for that delicious cookie that came with it! However, things are different today, people have become a lot more aware of what they are eating by adopting healthy living, but are kids missing out on the goodies. Here’s a brookie, a combination of a cookie and brownie, that’s amazingly delicious, healthy and easy to make.

From prep to baking time, it takes all of 30 minutes. And it’s made with absolutely no added sugars and is gluten- and lactose-free.


Healthy Smoothies & Juices: Happy Stomach

Most people are always on a diet! And sadly, ‘diet food’ means picking up prepackaged foods with a ‘diet label’ on it! Eating right, really need not be so tough. In an attempt to simplify eat, I’ve started to post recipes of foods that are simple to make, nutritious and fun! This breakfast juice, for example, will keep you full till lunchtime! Try it.


Kid-friendly Healthy Meals: Stained Glass Barley Wrap

As a kid, I would wrinkle my nose at anything that seemed ‘healthy’. Good nutritious food had to be slipped into my diet without me noticing it, which was kind of tough, cause the kitchen was my playground. I remember mom having to hide the kokum bottles, as they would be wiped out in one afternoon! I just loved that sweet, sour, salty flavour. That’s all I would want to eat, anything without it didn’t qualify as food!

Cooking for kids can be tough. And so when I was asked to design a menu for kids, I decided to post some too. The catch, when cooking for kids is to give food interesting names. 🙂


Healthy Smoothies and Juices: The Antioxidant Punch

It’s been a long hiatus. Blame the 365 salads I was working on, that I hope, make it to a book. Last year, I set myself a GOAL or resolution, as I would like to call it,  of making 365 NEW SALADS in the year, a new salad every day, and sure enough, I managed. Was it tough? Yes, of course, it was. But sheer determination and resolve saw me reach Day 365 with a celebration of life!

This year, I hope to post 2 things a week, yup 52 only of each!

A healthy juice or smoothie and a child-friendly healthy meal.


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